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[ nee-mee-s ]
noun — plural of mneme
Persisting effect of memory of past events

Mnēmes is an utterly unique gastronomic experience offered at Selene restaurant exclusively for one party of 2-4 guests per evening. This unrivalled gastronomic tale begins to unfold within the captivating tunnel of the 18th century monastery with “Selene, a Journey Through Time”, a brief guided exploration of the emblematic restaurant’s intriguing history accompanied by small bites, indicative of Santorini’s culinary tradition. The storytelling tour is followed by dinner at the Atrium, Selene’s most privileged spot with a majestic ambience right next to our fountain. The dinner presented is a special variation of Selene’s Full Moon menu, matched with a premium wine pairing experience.



Degustation menu - Mnēmes

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Selene Restaurant Santorini 7 2021

A Journey Through Time
1985 - present


In a time when concepts such as “terroir” and “gastronomic tourism” are, yet, unknown, Giorgos Hatziyannakis and his wife Evelyn envision a restaurant which promotes the ingredients and the long-forgotten gastronomic tradition of the island.
Selene opens on the edge of the Caldera of Fira, Santorini.


Selene introduces a menu with 3 columns: Santorinian, Greek and Ιnternational cuisine.
Wine, from the beginning, is an essential part of Selene’s journey.


Selene restaurant starts offering an increasingly creative local cuisine.
Traditional dishes are reinvented “without losing their soul”.


George Hatzigiannakis’ lifelong work towards the revival and evolution of local cuisine is widely acknowledged by critics and culinary institutions.
Selene, by 2006, is one of the most important Greek restaurants.


Selene is relocated to Pyrgos, a village medieval hilltop village surrounded by vineyards. It starts hosting Vedema, the annual wine festival where all the island’s winemakers are brought together.
Some of the most talented Greek Chefs leave their mark at Selene throughout the decade.


Selene restaurant becomes part of the Katikies family and returns to Fira. It is based in its current home: the imposing 18th century Catholic Monastery of Dominican Nuns.
Yannis Karakasis, one of the 408 Masters of Wine, takes charge of the Selene wine program.


Selene is led by Ettore Botrini, one of the most important Michelin-star rated Greek Chefs. He introduces his gastronomic philosophy while honouring the restaurant’s legacy.

Book directly with us. Best Rates Guaranteed.