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04 September

St. Joseph Wine Cave

An ultra-exclusive wine pairing event will be held in the most imposing of settings, in the very heart of summer. The famous Domaine Sigalas winery, well-known for its innovative spirit and its “the dynamic evolution of tradition” motto, will be presented, through the tasting of its exquisite wines, to our guests in the awe-inspiring St. Joseph Cave of Selene. This evening will be treasured in the years to come by the sophisticated wine-lovers and the eclectic foodies that will experience it. This amazing wine pairing event includes a lavish special menu, orchestrated by Selene’s talented team, accompanied by 10 different Domaine Sigalas labels, which guests will enjoy guided by our wine specialists. The cave experience is truly unique, as a live music happening will greet guests at the entrance and a full tour to the Domaine Sigalas winery will be offered through huge screens inside the caves.

Selene Restaurant Santorini Wine 0547 2021
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