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21 July 2024

Sunday 21/07 at St. Joseph Wine Cave

Apostolos Moudrichas is an influential and ambitious figure in Greek winemaking, always setting his sights high. Following the success of Avantis Estate on the island of Evia, he took on a new challenge with a Santorini project under the name Anhydrous, meaning unirrigated in Greek. The consistently delicious wines from both estates contribute significantly to the growing reputation of Greek wine, solidifying Apostolos as one of Greece's most significant winemakers. Join Yiannis Karakasis, Master of Wine, and the esteemed producer Apostolos Moudrichas for an unmissable event featuring a selection of cutting-edge wines from Santorini and Evia, perfectly paired with a bespoke menu curated by Michelin-starred Chef Ettore Botrini.


The Wines

  • Anhydrous Αidani |Athiri 2023
  • Anhydrous Santorini 2023
  • Anhydrous Grace 2023
  • Anhydrous Icon 2022
  • Anhydrous Krama 2022
  • Anhydrous Afoura 2022
  • Anhydrous Saint Nikolas 2022 
  • Anhydrous Sweet Sun Mandilaria 2015


*Please note that the wines listed above are indicative and subject to change.


21/7, 2024
Duration: approximately 2.5-3.0 hours

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Book directly with us. Best Rates Guaranteed.