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24 September

4 events at all areas of Selene Restaurant

Vedema 2022 / Giorgos Hatzigiannakis
Selene Wine Caves at 12:30-17:00

Paying homage to the legacy of the late Giorgos Hatzigiannakis, the creator of Selene Restaurant and a pioneer in Santorini’s culinary and wine evolution, Selene Restaurant has planned a series of non-profit events, offering guests the opportunity to experience the cultural and historical wealth of our island. As vineyards are the very soul of Santorini, a very special event will take place in the imposing Selene Wine Caves, revolving of course around the exquisite local wines. This amazing wine exhibition will be held in St. Joseph’s Cave, where local winemakers will have the chance to present their wines to the public, accompanied by delicious treats and refined snacks. The fitting decoration, the setting of the tables and the live music will add their very special touch to this magnificent wine festival.


Santorini. Photo Exhibition by Zoe Hatzigiannakis
Selene Corridor & Wine Caves at 12:00-18:00

For a whole week one more non-profit event will be taking place in the atmospheric surroundings of Selene, offering guests the chance to get acquainted with the other side of Santorini. A photography exhibition, curated by E. Hatzigiannakis, will be hosting the works of talented Greek photographers, from Santorini and from all over Greece, that will be showcased on the walls and the corridors of the imposing Monastery for all to see and admire. After visiting the exhibition, indulge in the delicacies of Selene Wine Bar and its all-day menus. 


Wine Masterclasses
Selene indoor hall at 15:00-19:00

Masterclasses by Yiannis Karakasis MW & Caro Maurer MW


Selene, A Journey Through Time
Selene restaurant at 20:00

Food lies in the very soul of every restaurant; so, what is a great restaurant, if not the hard work and creative mind of its chefs? Selene remembers its chefs and honours its long history with a specially designed degustation dinner created by some of the greatest chefs that have worked their magic in its emblematic kitchens in the past years. There is no need to say that such an occasion calls for live music by talented artists and for an exquisite decoration setting, as the gracefully set tables will await for their guests to enjoy a truly unique culinary experience.

Selene Restaurant Santorini 6 2021
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Book directly with us. Best Rates Guaranteed.